T.I.M.E. PR has been founded by Mine Kalpakçıoğlu and is bringing together
many years of experience in the PR, Marketing and Advertising business.

With the knowledge of Turkey's industry T.I.M.E.PR carefully selects each client,
making sure that there is a synergy in order to produce extraordinary results
and sustainable service. T.I.M.E. PR has quickly become the premier public
relations firm in Istanbul.

Our Commitment

World Class Communication

At T.I.M.E. PR we know and understand the challenges that brands and businesses face in today's ever changing and demanding market landscape. As an exclusive, boutique public relations firm, we are committed to helping build their reputation with creative solutions and long term vision that will be most beneficial for the prestigious clients that we have selected in the industry. At T.I.M.E we are involved directly in the client relationship.

  • Events that wow your guests

    TIME PR creates singular events that inspire and deliver. We are one of the few PR firms that has an in-house events team. We customize events to communicate your brand message, whether you require one spectacular launch or seek to expose your product in multiple markets. From creative concepts and planning, to production and execution, we handle the details to ensure that our clients receive maximum results. The events we produce for our clients come in on time and on budget.

    Separately we develop celebrity/influencer events that make noise and create buzz, coupling them with strong traditional PR plans that amplify your branding with millions of consumer impressions.

  • Corporate Communication

    At T.I.M.E. PR, our media and marketing-communications professionals work across communications channels to develop and execute multi-layered "surround sound" campaigns. These programs feature strategic exposure in new media, thoughtful and effective interaction with traditional media, customer-centric and brand-centric initiatives for both professional and consumer audiences, and sound benchmarking for evaluating ROI.

  • Global & National Branding

    We work to position your brand so that it can become an industry leader even in these times of steadily increasing alternative options for consumers. It is important to establish brands in a way that can compete with the day-to-day bombardment of persuasive and promotional news and information. T.I.M.E. PR works to creatively adapt your brand to increase, maintain and sustain customer loyalty in this fast paced changing world.

  • Media Relations & Consulting

    With more than 20 years of experience immersed in a multi-media world, T.I.M.E. PR has gained qualified insight into what your target audience wants and how to best deliver that message. We work to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

  • Image Development

    Our work includes mobile marketing programs, media events, product launches, conferences, trade shows, and environments. From initial concept to the last detail of execution, our programs invite curiosity in surprising ways that leave a lasting impression we build buzz and extending advertising, publicity and promotion.

  • Editorial Services & Publishing

    This service specializes in creating work that is innovative, inspiring and effective. We are focused on bringing a higher aesthetic to every type of business communication from the fonts we choose to the color palettes we use. From corporate identity, proposals and presentations, to advertising, collateral, and event design, we infuse every project with intelligent, captivating design that raises the bar

  • Strategic Planning Management

    We analyze short term and long term goals and plans, and realize that in order to determine where an organization is going, it needs to know exactly  where it stands, then determine where it wants to go and how it will get there.


  • Financial

    TIME PR thanks to their vast network connects clients with the decision makers and influencers who matter most in the Financial Industry. We have the expertise to build recognition and credibility for our clients' companies, products, services and brands by working with significant players within the financial markets. With an in-depth knowledge of financial services and technology industry, T.I.M.E. PR can help your business expand into both new and emerging markets.

  • Corporate Campaigns

    TIME PR specializes in building, shaping and improving reputations through strategic communications campaigns. We know stakeholders, investors, consumers/customers, employees, media, non-governmental organizations and public officials and how their collective opinions and beliefs influence your reputation. We help craft the messages and strategies that effect a positive change in your companies' future while protecting your bottom line.

  • Property Development

    TIME PR provides strategic communications services to property development and investment companies, architects and other property organizations. We offer much more than just PR, advertising or marketing. We think holistically and develop total communications strategies.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    TIME PR provides counsel and services in M&A PR. We work to provide strategic business solutions focused on a company's synergies and opportunities that help organizations ensure a seamless partnership and reposition an organization as a secure entity giving it solid corporate reputation. We focus on key tactics to ensure strong positioning of a deal, a successful internal integration process, and a proactive issues management plan that captures and compliments the new combined company.

  • Technology, Energy, & Environmental

    If as a company you are doing something positive for the environment, it should be consistently publicized. Effective Environment PR specialists won't just report your news, we will help you create it. There are many ways you can contribute to the environment and a experienced PR firm like T.I.M.E. PR can help you improve it.

    If your product or service isn't environmentally friendly, we can get you involved in earth friendly fundraisers or event affiliations. If your company is donating proceeds to environmentally friendly charitable endeavors, technology industries, or the emerging energy markets we will make your company's efforts known.

Life Style

  • Luxury Goods & Services

    Luxury marketing rests on creating a sense of exclusivity, quality and superiority. The world's craving for the finer things continues to grow and with that so should your business. Our experience in luxury marketing includes travel destinations, boutique hotels, yachts, and cosmetic & beauty products. We can connect you with the exclusive magazines that are critical to any luxury marketing campaign, creating an image for the consumer aspirations that they will come to demand.

  • Food & Beverage

    TIME PR provides strategic marketing communications to the international food and beverage marketplace. We focus on delivering media relations, event management, trade & consumer education and advertising support to food and beverage marketers, with a particular emphasis on specialty premium/luxury wines and beverages. T.I.M.E. PR is well connected to the food and wine media and to influencer groups whose opinions create and sustain trends. Combined with our experience in food and wine communications, we provide a powerful competitive advantage for our clients, lending credibility to our clients' marketing messages and gaining valuable access to trade and consumer media.

  • Health & Wellness

    With the ever-growing concern about health & fitness, T.I.M.E. PR is a front-runner in the industry. We are motivated to help drive your brand to the highest level of customer awareness. We have unrivalled expertise in consumer health, fitness, over all physical wellness programs coupled with a track record of shaping strategy, implementing programs and driving real business value for our clients.

  • Automotive

    Mounting gas prices and environmental concerns have transformed the automotive industry into a tumultuous place to compete. That is where our relationships come into play, helping to position car company initiatives to major reporters, analysts and industry associations.

  • Fashion, Beauty, & Retail

    Quickly changing trends and shifting perceptions in how consumers perceive this fast paced world and what they demand from today's products requires instant access to stylists and editors at the top women's and lifestyle outlets. T.I.M.E. PR adds focus to the changing landscape, offering insider access to traditional press and new social media influencers to communicate a clear message to consumers and incorporate a sentiment of authenticity and emotion. We, as T.I.M.E.PR,  develop storylines, shape blog strategy, pinpoint just the right spokesperson and manage photo shoots and showrooms, all with the objective of getting your brand the one to buzz about.

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